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Go Influence Maps

The game of Go is loved for it's complexity. Simple rules emerge into a fascinating strategy game. Good players combine both deep understanding of strategy and intuition in the game. As easy as it is to learn the basic rules of Go, as hard is becoming a good Go player.

While playing last night I started to view the board not as a board full of stones but rather than areas of influence, depending on where the stones are. Indeed this idea is around in playing Go [1]. I decided to sit down and implement influence maps in processing. I hope it will help me to learn go strategy and improve my playing.

You can put stones (alternating black/white) by left clicking, remove stones by right clicking

The algorithm I developed for calculating influence takes influence of all it's neighbor fields and divides it by the number of neighbor fields. Thus influence is decreasing rapidly with distance. However borders and corners are easier to gain influence on (as it is in the game).

Future plans include writing an SGF parser and looking at high class games to see areas of influence develop over time.

Code: GoInfluenceMap-20110802.tar.gz
Code on git: git clone http://git.tentacleriot.eu/GoInfluenceMap